FCR™ Fulcrum Center Torque Rings


FCR™ Torque Rings are a unique and innovative patented torque ring that allows you to upgrade your API connection for both tubing and casing, providing a high torque, power tight make-up.

With its unique fulcrum-center design, the FCR™ Torque Ring results in an internally flush bore for improved bending, compression & torsional resistance while being a drop-in ring helps to reduce fatigue and avoid connection galling.


Ì HIGHEST TORQUE ON THE MARKET - FCR™ Torque Ring tests show a significant increase in torque as compared to API and competitors.

Ì EASY & ACCURATE TO INSTALL - The FCR™ Torque Ring can be installed on the rack or dropped into the collar while running in the hole using a low cost proprietary insertion tool.

Ì ONE RING TO RUN THEM ALL - The FCR™ Torque Ring requires one size to perform the operations without having to change to new ones with different tolerances for each running thus saving rig time and executing smooth operations using API make-up torque values.

API + FCR™ Torque Ring
Premium Connections

Ì Cost savings by being able to use existing API tubing/casing inventory (ie. no need to order pipe with "premium" 3rd party connections)

Ì No need to have a 3rd party "premium connection" technician at the well-site

Ì No need to worry about the need to use a machine shop licensed for a specific premium connection to recut connections (often just one machine shop licensed in an area)

Ì Customer staff can install the rings by themselves

Ì Can also install the FCR™ ring on the rig floor without using any installation tools by dropping the rings into the couplings and making-up immediately

Since being introduced in 2008, the FCR™ Torque Ring is now currently in-use worldwide.

Due to its unique design and ease of installation by their own staff, customers have not reported any failures.


Casing While Drilling (CwD)
During operation, once the pin-ends of the casing meet the FCR™ Torque Ring, due to its unique design, it then “activates” therefore allowing more torque.
Completion / Well-Construction
Rotation and Reciprocating of casing are the most important steps to have a successful cement job. The fulcrum center area of the FCR™ Torque Ring will help substantially increase the torque capacity of the connection, allowing the string to achieve a higher load during rotating applications.
Production / Tubing
The benefits of using tubing 2.3/8”, 2.7/8”, 3.1/2” and 4” FCR™ Torque Ring, helps to control internal pressure. Allows for improved torquing resulting in a better connection make-up between tubing collar threads. Other benefits on tubing application are:

* Reduces friction

* Reduces rod wear

* Eliminates wash-outs

* Eliminates over-torquing

* Reduces annular turbulence

* Reduces risk of connection galling

* Allows multiple make & breaks

* Allows running through tubing guns with out hanging up in the J area

* Jetting tools to wash perforations and rotating

* Running of casing scraper

* Tubing pin shoulder of the FCR™ ring will give you better control on space out TD settings

* Using the tubing string for testing

* Strong connection make-up prevents backups and reduces the need for downhole tools and equipment such as “no-turn” tools

* Tough and very dependable - can be made-up by power tongs on the rig floor or well servicing rigs

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